Phil Smith joined TelePro in 1998, as a member of a team providing development support for a real-time data acquisition and process control system for aluminum smelting. He has also served as project manager for a large glass manufacturer.

Phil's many roles include:

  • Project manager and coordinator for industrial computer system upgrade projects
  • Software developer of custom Windows applications (C++, HTML, T-SQL, ASP)
  • Database designer and administrator (SQL Server)
  • Technical writer and information manager


TelePro Experience

  • With over 15 years as a member of an international support team dedicated to upgrade and maintain industrial process control systems, Phil designed and implemented commissioning plans for system upgrades at client sites in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the United States.
  • As project manager for upgrade initiatives, Phil implemented all phases of the project: plan, estimate, analysis, design, stage, test, train, and commission.
  • Phil has special experience in SQL Server database migrations, Windows OS upgrades, database administration, system analysis, technical documentation, and system troubleshooting.
  • Phil developed web-based Mobile RF computer systems for product tracking.
  • Phil organized client factory acceptance test reviews of staged systems, providing hardware and software training to the end users.

Prior Experience

Phil has extensive experience in a variety of computer consulting settings. Earlier projects included:

  • Developing a real-time, embedded application on an Intel 80386EX microprocessor in an object oriented, C++, DOS environment.
  • Creating software for game displays, statistics screens, data entry screens, a menu system, and dart and pool league databases.
  • Developing a production scheduler using C++, with a calendar and menu-driven GUI.

Prior to this, Phil worked for the admissions office of a graduate school, where he designed relational databases and designed a GUI for a charitable gift receipting system.


M.S./Computer Science, Northern Illinois University
B.S./Education, Manchester University